CMSA has wrapped up another successful Hill Day which included education and networking for our members and dozens of meetings with legislators and staff.  Nearly 70 Members from 22 states came together for the two-day event packed with education, new connections and productive meetings with many members of Congress. CMSA Chicago was represented by our new Public Policy Liaisons, Pat O'Connor and John Heraty, with Eric Bergman in his new role as Vice Chair of CMSA's National Public Policy Committee.

This year, CMSA's public policy focus is going to be on the Case Management Model Act. The Model Act is not specific legislation, but rather it is legally, and professionally vetted language which can be adopted, in whole or in part, to provide robust and important protections to our profession and our work. It is an accepted, recognizable, and effective method of advocating for legislation that members of Congress and their staff will identify as useful support for legislation they may choose to draft or co-sponsor. The Model Act provides legislators with a template to use as they write legislation. for more information, click here.

We will also be working locally to help pass the Nurse Licensure Compact. It failed in Illinois in 2017, mostly due to highly organized opposition from National Nurses United IL chapter. It has the support of CMSA, ANA, INA and many other nursing organizations. The compact will allow nurses to practice across state lines without getting a new license in each state as long as they reside in a compact state and practice in compact state. There is new compact language which addresses concerns and objections from some states about the old language. Because of the new language, all states are required to reintroduce the compact legislation and the new compact will take effect now that 25 states have ratified the new language. for more information please click here. For a map of the states that have ratified the compact click here.

We are pleased to have a new Chair of our Public Policy Committee, Pat O'Connor. Pat will be building our committee in the coming weeks and months and we expect a number of actions during the year, both local and national. Please consider joining Pat and CMSA Chicago to actively focus on shaping our health care public policy. You can reach out to Pat at the email below for more information or to join the committee.

CMSA Chicago Public Policy Liaison, and Chair of CMSA Chicago's Public Policy Committee: Pat O'Connor MSN, RN, CCM

CMSA Chicago Public Policy Liaison: John Heraty LCSW, CCM

Here are helpful links to find your local and national representatives.

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